constellation of stars |constellation with names| Science-universe

constellation of stars |constellation with names| Science-universe

Name of constellation 

If we looks at the  night sky we see uncountable stars, but did we observe that there are  some stars in the sky that   visible with some patterns within them.

constellation map :

Well in simple word it could be said that, in the immense universe there are  infinite number of stars among which  there are groups of  stars which  forms  patterns  in the night sky, and are known  to be as constellations.

According to the research, till now there are 88 constellation in the universe among which some of them are mentioned below:-


 i) Largest constellation:-Hydra or the  sea serpent

ii)Smallest constellation:-Crux Australis or the Southern Cross.                      

iii) Constellation that can  be seen with naked eyes and has the most stars within it:- Centaurus(It has a total of 94 stars)

 The others include Aquila, The Eagle;  Draco,The Dragon;  Canis Major, the Great Dog; and Orion, The Hunter.

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