why Light  travels  the fastest?

     we know that according to Einstein Theory of Relativity,


when an object moves faster, its mass increases, while its length contracts. At the speed of light, such an object has an infinite mass, while its length is  zero  i.e. an impossibility. Thus, no object can reach the speed of light that is the only reason light travels the fastest.

How far can light travels in space?

     In space the speed of light is about 299,792km per second or  1,079,252,956 km per hour. If we look at the nearest star, it  is quite bombshell to know that the light we are viewing from our nearest star  today is emitted by the star  approximately 4years ago. In  space there are many such stars present that are far away from earth such  that if one person stand on  about 60million light years away and look at our earth, then that  particular person would able to see the light from earth, that had been emitted  at time of dinosaurs extinct.

3) What is the highest speed of light in air?

 Ans:-  we  know that light is the fastest among among other traveling object in the universe.But unlike sound light does not depends on any medium, though it may be air, water or even in vacuum the speed of light is always constant having value
299,792,458 m / s.











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