Why are stars always twinkling? 
What are the contents of twinkling of star?

    Though  from our Earth, the stars are seems to be twinkling, but in reality  is that we see the stars through many layer of Earth's  atmosphere.As the light passes through this layers,it get distorted,  that is only reason we see changes in the light of stars constantly i.e. stars are seems to be twinkling.

 Among the infinite number of stars in the universe, we are going to  show you the  stars which are known for their noteworthy characters.

1) Brightest Stars:-
  We all know that sun is the brightest among all the stars in  the universe,but the real facts is that, the suns brightness is negligible if we compare it with other brighter stars in the galaxy. 

   The brightest star  which is seen from  our  earth is Sirius, which  has a diameter of about  149,598,020km. It is also quite revelatory to know that  Sirius is 24times brighter than the Sun.


 2)   Heaviest Star:- Till now in the universe, a star HDE 269810,
which was discovered by  Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, is found to be  the heaviest star, which is about  190 times heavy as our sun. The heaviest star exists  in the large Magellanic cloud, which is far away from us at  a distance of about 170,000 light years.

3) Largest Star:-  

Till now in the universe the star, named as M-class supergaint Betelgeuse, or Alpha Orionis is found to be the  be largest star in the universe,which is about 310 light years away from earth and is present in the top left  in the constellation of Orion. It has a diameter of  about 700million km, which  is about 500times greater  than the size of sun.

 4)Star Nearest to Earth:-  Till now it  is  came to know that  the star named as Proxima Centauri, which  is  discovered in 1915. It is about 4.22 light years from our earth.In today's world, if it is asked, then about 60% people would say that it is Mars, but the fact is  that Mars is a planet, and both star and planet  has distinctive characters,which makes them different from each other.

5) Black  Holes:-
  It is quite compelling to know that, a black Hole is  a star which once collapsed into itself .It also  has a powerful surface gravity that nothing can escape from within it. Though  many peoples  thought that  it is a monster like creature that attracts every  coming objects within it. But the real fact is that, its a star that later becomes black hole on collapsed.

 6) Supernovae:-  

Unlike other stars,  Supernovae is quite different, Supernovae are vast explosions, where a whole star is blown up.They are extremely bright.It also emulates for a few days  and the combined light gives output to all the galaxy. It is came to know that the last Supernovae was seen in 1604 by an German  Astronomer "Johannes Kepler".

Some commonly asked questions:

1) How many stars are there in air?

Ans:- First of all we have to know that the stars which we see in sky, is that really present in sky or above the layers of earth's surface.Well the fact is that the star that we see, they are far away from us about million light years.So  where do they originally exists. They exist in space in our solar system, galaxy, everywhere, of  infinite numbers.(uncountable).
    Hence, the conclusion that come to us that the stars  which are seen in our  sky are actually in the space.

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