1)What is Sun?

  Sun is the star in our solar system, around which eight planets revolves  around it.The sun is about 149,597,893km far from our Earth, having diameter of approximately 1,391,940km. It is actually more than 100 times than our Earth,having mass  which is equivalent to 99.98% of the mass of the entire solar system. 

2)  How Sun is formed?  

Till now it is came to know that that the sun is formed from a collapsed  rotating cloud of  gas and dust i.e. Solar Nebula  approximately 4.5 billion years ago.It is mostly formed  by two light gases i.e. Hydrogen and Helium  about 75% and 23% respectively, with a few quantities of other elements which includes metals like gold.                                  

3) How  hot is the sun? 
 The sun is made mostly from what element ?

  Normally the surface of sun  has a temperature of about 5,880k, but it temperature can extend up to 56,000,000k at its core. Its very high temperature is due to the nuclear fusion at its core that constantly changes hydrogen into helium gases, due to which the the surface gets rise from energy and heat released by this process.

4) How does Sun rotates in our solar system? How its rotation is different in region of sun's surface not like planets and moon?    

 Sun rotates in the anti-clockwise direction in our solar system.Since  it is made up of gas,its rotation periods usually varies with latitude. Hence its rotation is different in different parts of sun's surface .Normally sun completes its rotation in once every 25.4days , but the fact is that, it is not a solid like planet or moon, its poles spin at different rate, hence  at poles it takes approximately 36 days to complete one single revolution.On the other side its equator spins the fastest among all three regions, hence  in that particular region,its takes nearly  24 days approx 
to complete one revolution.

5)Why sun's always rise  from east to west?     
In  this universe, every single object is rotating. It is quite surprising to know that our whole solar system is rotating  at an av speed of  828,000 km/hr.  In our day to day life  we see sun in east direction  because our Earth always spin towards  east, that is the only  key reason that we see sun rising in the east direction.

 6)How sun acts as a  gravity in our solar system?

   We know that in our earth its has a gravity that attracts each and every object in it. But after exceeding the earths surface there's no gravity  that can attracts.

         But gravity does not end here, In our solar system, the sun is  playing the role of gravity, in order to maintain a balance in between the planets and every objects in orbits.Whereas, the  gravity of the Milky way galaxy is maintaining  the balance of the sun and the rest of the solar system.
7) Why it seems that sun is stationary in our solar system?  
    It seems from earth  we are moving around the sun in an orbit and the sun is stationary, in our solar system.Because the fact is that the relative movement of the sun is zero, hence  is seems to be stationary in orbit. But  actually  from the center of milky way and the rest of the galaxies the  sun  and the whole solar solar system is moving at a speed of  828,000km/hr .

8) What is Solar Eclipse ?

  An solar eclipse is an natural Phenomenon, where Moon lies between the Earth and Sun which fully or partially blocks the light emitting from the sun.

list of Mostly asked question:
 i) Will the sun explode in 2020?

It is one of the question  which is very common, among the people  in 2020, specially after the pandemic,of Covid-19. Well guys we would like to say that your assumptions is not incorrect because Sun is star and once day the sun have to explode as it the rule of nature i.e. every planet and star has a certain lifetime,their lifetime may differ from millions to trillions year depending on the mass of the planet and star. 
ii) Is it true that the sun is moving like a spin ball at last few second of Sunset?
 In the universe,every single object  in  moving, like planets, sun, moon etc. In actual world the sun never sets. It always rotate on its  orbit, in our solar system.
    Well you guys know that the sunset is based on particular locations, for example if there is a sunset period in USA, their is sunset in India.Hence sunset and sunrise is dependent on location and time.
iii) How does sun moves around the galaxy without hitting other stellar stuffs?
 Ans:- See question number  4. The answer is as same as question number 4.
iv) The sun is made mostly from what element.
Ans:- The answer is as same as question number 2  
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