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poisonous plants |Botany Science| Science-universe

In today's world though technology has  widen his  impact, but somehow, the humans are still dependent on nature, when it comes to food, and  lifespan. From the existence of life humans, are dependent on nature, i.e natural resources like sunshine, water,  air, food. 

           Though nature has blessed us with so many resource, it also have given many hazards in many form & today we are going to discuss  one of such form which are most poisonous plants in the world . 


Here are  10 poisonous plants  which are listed below:

 I ) Solanine:  In our day to day life potato has become an vital vegetable, and its also healthy for our health containing about 110 calories, Vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium etc.But did you  ever know that the stems  and leaves of  potatoes contains solanine in potato . solanine definition is that a type  poison which is present in leaves n and stems of potatoes.

 Sometimes You have might seen that the color of potato have changed from yellow to slightly greenish, in that case the potato might  solanine, in short that is solanine potato. peoples who consumes that potato( solanine in food ) might be shiver by solanine poisoning.

 Solanine poisoning symptoms :

* The people may be infected with diarrhea. 

* He might got fever or hypothermia

* Can also got severe headache

* The pulse of the person might got slow.

* May causes difficulty in breathing

* The person may  sense abdominal pain

* vomiting of the   food  also observed in some cases.


II)  Castor oil & Ricin : In our daily life, the use of  castor oil for hair growth and castor oil benefits in today's world has enhanced,  the  castor oil is extracted from castor oil plant or ricinus or ricin plant. It is also  known as ricin oil and some of  castor oil uses  are given below:

Castor oil for skin   is very beneficial and it is used as an natural Moisturizer  also promotes wound healing.

Benefits of castor oil includes fighting with fungus infection on skin.

* Organic castor oil is used for keeping our hair and scalp healthy.

* castor oil for eyelashes is beneficial  and its also reduces Acne.


     But it will be quite surprising to know that the seeds of castor oil when extracted gives a poison. By hearing the word poison, different snake with venom   and  cyanide poisoning comes in our mind. But the oil which is extracted from seed of castor oil is more poisonous than those of the above poison, and it is called  Ricin .

Ricin is a toxic which  contains ricinoleic acid having formula 12-hydroxy-9-cis-octadecenoic acid.  A  minute amount of ricin can be deathly for human and other species. It can kill humans at its exposure within a range of about 36 to 72 hrs.


    Ricin symptoms or ricin poisoning symptoms are given below:



*Breathing in small quantity of ricin includes  symptoms like fever, cough,diarrhea,breathing problems etc.  

*Consumption of ricin may causes problems like vomiting, diarrhea with blood, dehydration and blood in the urine too. 

* Exposure of small amount of ricin in eyes and skin can causes redness  and pain on the  eyes and exposed skin.



III) Death cap mushroom : In  today's world the, consumption of mushroom, has become very common, they are available in  markets,  and it is highly beneficial for health, having  calories about 21.1, protein about 3 g, carbohydrates of about 3.1 g approx, and carbohydrates of about 2.9mg  etc.                           

But  did you ever know  that there are some mushrooms in the universe, which are deathly poisonous, among which one of such species is   death cap mushroom .   Among 90% of deaths from  eating fungi, this species is responsible for it. Death cap mushroom scientific name is  Amanita phalloides.

    Now after  knowing about it, the question comes to the mind, where are death cap mushrooms found ? Well  it is mostly found in Europe in may be  found in small quantity in other countries. 

  Lets see some facts about how to identify death cap mushroom  , in below:

Death cap identification :

     * The gills of these species are white coloured, which are present underneath the cap of it.

    Its stem at the bottom  takes the shape of a cup.

    * Its  smells good,   having similar smell like the rose. 

    The cap of the mushroom looks slightly greenish or yellowish in colour.

    * Just below the cap, it has a small ring in the upper stem region.

Death cap poisoning :  Now lets see some facts about death cap mushroom symptoms :


The symptoms of poisoning  began to show after the consumption of 12hrs of it,  first shows  symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea.

* Later on,  if it is not treated in proper way , then it may reoccur and it may lead to damage the  kidney and liver functions.  

 Hence here  the death cap mushroom facts , which you guys can identify,   and know about the world deadliest mushroom.


IV)  Curare toxin : In ancient times, humans used to fight war with the help of  sword and bows-arrows, as that time there are no rifles and guns, as we have read in many books and also watched in television. In this modern world, the use of bows and arrows are still present, they use it for hunting animals. But did you  watch or heard about a toxin which is used in arrows to hunt animals more easily. well that particular toxin is called curare. Curare uses  highly deadliest that mammals like monkeys after injected with it cause it death within 20 minutes.

Now the question comes to our mind that where does curare come from.  well the toxin is extracted from bark of certain trees, which includes trees  from Strychnos and Chondrodendron genera,and is found specially in south American countries commonly called as curare arrow . Curare scientific name is Chondrdendron tomentosum.


 curare medical uses or curare medicine  is   used as an anesthesia for certain types of surgeries for muscle relaxant in earlier times, now it being replaced by new agents.


  As we have already discussed about curare meaning . But what will happen if someone accidentally  got injected curare toxin in someone's or himself body not as a medicine  or curare uses  is not  given  in proper way,in short curare poisoning ?

                     Well  it causes paralysis in the muscles and also cases respiratory problems.

     Now  again the question come to mind what is the treatment for curare poisoning?     

            well in order to protect from the toxin curare, in modern world, curare antidote  is being used in  hospitals named as acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor (anti-cholinesterase), such as physostigmine or neostigmine. 


V) Nicotine poisoning :

 Now a days , the consumption of tobacco has been increased  with huge numbers, though it is deathly for health  and can cause serious diseases.But  did you guys heard about  nicotine , a toxin which is extracted from tobacco, it is found in liquid form,which is slightly liquid type and yellowish in colour.

Nicotine side effects : 

    * It causes the reduction of urine excretion from our body, due to which toxic substances from our body didn't  excrete easily.

    * We know that adrenal gland produces adrenaline and the continuous consumption of nicotine  may causes thrombosis  which causes high blood pressure and high heart beat.

* It causes the voluntary muscle or skeletal muscle makes weak and  less responsible, due to which a person face problems  in movement of body muscles.

* We know that our pancreas produces digestive juice, which helps in the digestion of certain, proteins, carbohydrates and fats in our intestine, nicotine uses causes difficulty in production of this juice.

 * The use of nicotine increases  the production of antidiuretic hormone , which causes the amount of urine  low in human body.

* The large intake of nicotine  for a long time increase the risk of duodenal  and stomach ulcer, which may lead to the  formation of cancer in  that particular area.

* We know that our nerves plays a major role in our body. It sends and receive data for   the central nervous system, the use of nicotine makes our nerves less  responsive  as compared to normal human being.

 Nicotine benefits / nicotine gum benefits :

Despite  having  many demerits towards mankind,  now it is  used as  a medicine   in human body to remove the addiction of any  nicotine substances, in the form of   nicotine gum are which are available  in the market that helps to remove addiction  like smoking.Though it is safe, it is also advised to take it with the prescription of your doctor for nicotine gum uses.

            Now the question comes to the mind that is nicotine gum safe ? Or are nicotine patches safe ?


Well it is safe to consumes and many people in today's world got recovered with the help of it. But in some cases, some people gets some effects like vomiting. In such cases it is safe to consult with your doctor.


VI) Deadly nightshade :  We know  that fruits are very healthy for our health, but in the humble universe, there exists some fruits which are very deadly and poisonous, among them one is belladonna /deadly nightshade  i.e. fruits of belladonna plant  commonly called as deadly nightshade plant . Its is named as deadly nightshade because of the presence of deadly nightshade poison  atropine in it.The belladonna root of the  contains more amount of toxin as compared to others parts of the pants.

* Now the question come to mind about Deadly nightshade identification  or what does deadly nightshade look like ?

 well the deadly nightshade berries or belladonna berries are blacked in shaped. They are worn singly on a stem with large calyxes surrounding it, they are usually smaller and hanged on a clusters. The root of this plant have a thickness of about 6inches. The  deadly nightshade flower are purple in colour  and a have  a shape of bell and  it grows in the axis of leaves.

 * where does deadly nightshade grow ?

        It is found in European Countries, North America and in western African countries country, in the month of June to September

* Now the  question comes to our mind is deadly nightshade poisonous to touch  or  is belladonna poisonous ?

We know that the deadly nightshade are poisonous if it is consumed , but what about if a person only touch it physically. Well if that had a  cut in skin and that particular part comes in contact with deadly nightshade, then it may show same symptoms as after consumption of Belladonna, a human body shows.

 * what are  the deadly nightshade symptoms ?  or what are belladonna side effects ?


* It may affect the  urinary bladder and causes inability to urinate .

* It may causes rapid heartbeat in our body

*It may affect our eyes and can causes blurred vision.

* After getting casual contact with it, the skin of that particular person may got skin rashes and  the           skin may become flushed

* The affected person may loses his balance due to belladonna  affect in  central nervous system.

Belladonna treatment :  In order to get rid from this dangerous belladonna poison,  an antidote was introduced in market named as Physostigmine , which was only given by the prescription of  doctor.


VII)  purple foxglove or Digitalis purpurea : It is type of flowering plants found in the  Europe and  in North American countries. The  leaves of the plants contains a digitalis, and consuming a few  amount of it  can be deathly for human, by causing digitalis toxicity. Now the question to the mind that  what are  Digitalis toxicity symptoms ?


*  Here  are  some  of digitalis toxicity signs and symptoms  which are given below :

 * The victims will  losses it appetite.

*  He may also get affected by diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea like symptoms.

 It is advice to  consult with doctor if someone consumes it and experience such symptoms.

 * Purple foxglove medicinal uses : 

Besides its dangerous toxicity, the leaves of  purple foxglove flowers is used in medical purpose to treat heart diseases. It is used in  medicine to treat heart diseases.





 VIII) Strychnine : Its  a toxin which is found in the India and their native countries. It is obtained from a tree named as Kochla. It is normally  used as pesticide to kill small vertebrates. Strychnine chemical formula is  C21H22N2O2.

 * strychnine medicinal uses:  strychnine uses as a pesticides to kill small vertebrates.



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